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10 Senior Skin Care Tips For Women

The skin gets more sensitive as one begins to advance in age. Extra care is required, and creams and procedures that could have worked before may become less effective as you get older. Here are some of the tips that could help you keep your skin looking good.

1.Eat right

Food is essential for maintaining healthy skin. Seniors should eat foods that have large amounts of vitamins and other healthy minerals.

2.Keep hydrated

Water is also critical to skin care. It helps remove toxins in the body that would otherwise cause skin damage if excreted through it.

3.Avoid smoking

Cigarette smoke makes the skin flaky and leathery. It gives your skin a dry feel and may accentuate wrinkles and make you look older than you would without it.

4.Protect your skin from sun rays

The sun is harmful to your skin in many ways. It is believed to be the leading cause of dry skin and tanning can even worsen the effects. Protective clothes should be worn when one is exposed to direct sun for long hours, and if necessary, a suitable sunscreen will be very helpful.

5.Invest in a humidifier

Naturally, the skin tends to get drier with age. A quality humidifier will help manage cracking, chapping and redness; symptoms common among the seniors.

6.Get a pair of sunglasses

Direct sunlight often causes people to squint their eyes. If you do that for long, the eyes often become wrinkled. Sunglasses can help you avoid squinting your eyes too much and keep your eyelids looking good.

7.Sleep facing up

Researchers have proven that people who sleep on their faces are more prevalent to excessive wrinkling. Sleeping on your back will help reduce the wrinkles on your face.

8.Use tender soaps and do not over clean your skin

Many soaps contain chemical ingredients and fragrances. Cleaning your face with clean water alone can help keep you looking fresh and healthy. Just a little fragrance-free soap can be used when it’s very necessary otherwise just use water.

9.Use quality skin creams

Low-quality skin creams have flooded the market. A good cream should be rich in natural ingredients such as vitamins A &E, Aloe Vera and other natural anti-oxidants and detox elements.

10.Don’t overstay in the tub

Showers and tub time can be consoling and soothing, but it’s not good for your skin. Hot bath water can cause your skin to wrinkle faster and stay that way for long.