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15 Google Street Fails

I love Google Street View. I type in random addresses and hope to find something goofy or interesting. I’ve seen some weird things. I remember once seeing a guy picking his nose, and another time I found a guy that looked like he was grabbing a random stranger’s booty. But nothing I have found matches the hilarity of the things on this list. Google’s satellite cameras in the sky capture footage of virtually every place in the world. You can get a ground level view of just about any address and neighborhood you want. It’s a cool feature with some funny accidental fails.

(source: www.complex.com)
(source: www.complex.com)

Woman Beating a Man

I was unable to find the location of this Google Street View image, but I had to include it because it’s hilarious. This picture looks like the woman is getting ready to beat this poor old man senseless. I wonder what he did to anger his wife. Maybe she caught him checking out some young hottie. Or maybe she’s just an angry woman that’s had enough crap from her husband after 50 years of marriage. That poor old guy is in trouble either way.