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15 Health Foods that Are Actually Bad For You

You know what’s a lot harder than it appears? Eating healthy. It seems like the goal posts are moved by the month. In October, you’re supposed to be eating fewer carbohydrates. In November, it’s not the carbohydrates you should be worried about, but the sugar. And then in December? Well, it’s time to give up red meat! Look, it really boils down to this. If you’re eating real food and not junk, and if you’re eating the right number of calories you need, you’re in the clear. That being said, as you attempt to get your diet in line there are some supposedly “healthy foods” that you should be avoiding. Let’s take a look at what they are.


1. Agave Nectar

When one is thinking of going healthy, one thing that most people think of cutting out of their diets is sugar. When this is the case, people start looking for healthier alternatives, one of which is agave nectar. However, agave nectar – despite the healthier sounding name – isn’t really what you think it is. It’s actually a substance that has a much higher concentration of fructose than regular sugar or even high fructose corn syrup!