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15 of the Most Perfectly Timed Photos Ever

How many photographs do you take in a day, do you think? A few? Tens? Hundreds? We’ve turned into a culture of photo-obsessed people. That’s why you spend however many hours a day scrolling through your Insta feed. While most photos on your phone (and on Insta) are of food, pets and significant others, sometimes the world’s photographers strike gold. They hit the “take picture” button at just the right time, capturing an image that would never have been seen otherwise. We’re talking, of course, about perfectly timed photos. Want to see some awesome ones? Well, that’s what we’ve got below!


1. Burst Your Bubble

We don’t experience the world in a piece-by-piece basis; we see the world in constant motion – even when it seems like everything is standing still. This is what makes photographs so powerful; they can show us the world that’s hidden from our view. Just take a look at this photograph showing a person popping a soap bubble with her finger. How amazing does that look? Is it what you expected it to look like?