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15 Reasons to Adopt Senior Dogs Over Puppies

Why is it that puppies always get ALL of the attention? I’ll tell you, the same ageism that happens in Hollywood happens in the dog world, too. Sure, puppies are cute and cuddly and  full of vim and vigor, piss and vinegar, but older dogs have it going on. Who would you rather have for a roommate: Justin Bieber or Betty White? Justin Bieber is young, he’s got a lot of energy he needs to get out of his system, he’d keep you up all night skateboarding over the furniture while his drunk entourage watched and howled, while Betty White would want to watch TV with you, spoon for a little while, then she’d fall fast asleep.

If you still don’t believe us, here are 15 reasons to adopt a senior dog over a puppy:


You’ll Sleep Better at Night Knowing You’ve Saved a Life


Here’s the thing, even in a rescue adoption situation, you know darn well the first dogs to get snatched up are the adorable puppies. But there are plenty of dogs who need homes in kill shelters, and when no one takes them, and time runs out… Older dogs constantly get passed up and more often than not, are ‘let go’ as a result. Come on, you know you want to be a hero and save some senior dog’s life!