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15 Signs You are Cat Lady Material


Human beings are interesting creatures. It is said we are the only animal on the planet that has any self-awareness. But to look at some of us you wouldn’t know we were self aware in the least. The guy with the comb-over who thinks we don’t know he’s bald. The annoying co-worker that makes the “That’s what SHE said joke” that no one ever laughs at 15 times a day. Or the 50-year-old woman who thinks her painfully-plump lips looks 100% legit.

But perhaps the least self-aware people on the planet are the cat ladies who have no idea of their cat-ladyness. Have you had friends and family comment on your cat-lady-like qualities but you’ve laughed them off? If so, this is no laughing matter, you’ll need immediate treatment. Not sure if you even are cat lady material? Here are 15 signs you may be: