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3 Ways to Deal with Bad Breath

2. Eat Mints/Gum

One of the most common ways to deal with bad breathe is by eating mints or gum. By eating mints, you are covering up the smell of you bad breathe and leaves you with a fresh minty smell which is much more welcoming and appealing. However, there have being studies that concluded that you should not eat a huge amount of mints as it can cause dizziness and health problems depending on the strength of the mint. Overall, eating gum is quite quick to get your breath under control.


3. Breath Spray

Breath spray is one of the easiest and quickest ways to deal with bad breathe. It can remove your bad breathe within seconds unlike brushing your teeth and eating mints which can take a while. By simply spraying some breath spray into your mouth, it neutralizes the smell of your breathe and keeps it nice and fresh by just one simple spray. In addition, breathe spray is relatively cheap as compared to the portal toothbrush which can get a little pricey. Breath spray is widely used around the world which proves its effectiveness.

In short, keeping your breath clean and fresh is very important. It is also part of daily hygiene. By keeping your breath fresh, you will be more welcomed by people and you actually stay more healthy and clean.