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5 Basic Activities Seniors Must Indulge In

Needless to say, most people feel uninspired to carry on their daily basic activities as they reach closer to old age. Our daily routine is what keeps our lives going and our seniors are no exception.

Some seniors just need a bit of inspiration and support whereas others, due to deteriorated health conditions, need complete assistance. This list contains 5 basic activities which every senior must indulge into:

  • Using toilet

Seniors might need to take help from a relative or caretaker while using the toilet especially if the health condition is bad. However, it is the best to let the elderly move as much as possible as it prevents unwanted injuries. Make sure that you are available readily for them for toilet needs. Aging, as you all know, is the time when a person starts to lose control over their urge to urinate or defecate, and thus help is necessary.

  • Various aspects of hygiene

A hot show/bath is capable of healing almost everything. This act of hygiene not only cleanses our seniors physically but also leaves them fresh with an improved mental health. Regular oral hygiene is another aspect which is indispensable. Keeping nails clean and taking care of their hair is a hygiene matter which, when regularly looked at, can make major improvements in their physical and mental health.

  • Getting dressed

It might sound like a point of less importance, but who doesn’t like to look pretty? Who doesn’t crave to be presentable? Old age is no exception and people, at this age, deserve to be adorned with clean and attractive clothes. If their health condition won’t let them pick up what is right for them, support from outside can be appreciated.

  • The right amount of food

A healthy diet is one of the biggest concerns. Elderlies should be provided proper meals regardless of the health conditions. For this, a family or caretaker should take utmost care to never make an error. If any sort of negligence is shown, then it can prove to be harmful to their declining health.

  • Moving around every then and now

Always lying around in bed can cause no good. Hence, it is essential to support the elderly to stand, sit and even walk around if their health permits them to do so. A much-appreciated stroll to the park and intake of fresh air will do wonder.