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60 Astonishing Nature Photos

The word ‘ nature’ creates a very scenic and an alluring view in our mind. Needless to say, nature is so powerful that if it can give birth to a life, then it has the ability to take it as well.

Here is a set of pictures from the natural world that would depict the above-mentioned facts clearly. They show how nature can have multiple faces, how it can be a means to start or end life and how it can inspire all the living creatures living on our mother earth.

  1. A massive wave heating the lighthouse

This beautiful lighthouse situated in the coast of France was hit by a huge, high pressure wave in the year 1989. But, see the game of nature, the man present in that lighthouse survived somehow. In the photo depicted here, this famous lighthouse named- Phares dans La Tempete, one can see how a huge wave is about to engulf it.

This lighthouse is present in the Northwest coast of France, near Brittany. It is due to this picture, it came to be known as ‘Lighthouse in a storm’. In the photo, one can see the keeper of the lighthouse – Theodore Malgorne, standing and calmly observing the waves, but in reality, he was waiting for help. Though some of his colleagues were safe in the lighthouse. From the picture, one can assume that the massive wave would have destroyed the structure, but it is still standing today and suffered only a little damage that day.