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The Best Sources For Senior Coupons

Age is nothing but a number. Ask anyone nearing 59 to confirm. Senior citizens get various financial benefits from local organizations, private companies, and the government. However, everything is not cakes and ale for of them.

Approximately 25 million seniors aged above 60 are unstable economically according to the National Council on Aging. Most of them live at or below 250% of the Federal poverty level. These seniors struggle to make ends meet with the rising cost of housing, healthcare, transportation and inadequate nutrition as their savings dwindle.

Saving Money With Coupons Is Easy

Most seniors are unaware of various coupon programs they qualify. Maybe they are embarrassed about their age or simply thinking of other things. These are some reasons why most of them don’t ask for discounts. Today, we outline the best sources for senior coupons that will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars annually.


Coupons.com is one of the largest providers of digital coupons in the United States. their name makes it easy to remember.
You have access to thousands of deals for buying almost anything you want. Some of the items to buy include groceries, clothes, household products and so much more.
All you need to do is look through and decide what you want then print out coupons necessary and take to your preferred stores.


RetailMeNot.com is another significant discount site offering numerous coupons and amazing deals. The online site boasts coupons for numerous local and online stores countrywide.

You can also register to receive newest discount codes via email in their Hot Coupon Newsletter.


Brad’s Deals are more than a daily site for fantastic deals. It is a great site to get printable coupons, codes, and freebies. You can even get deals delivered to your inbox daily. What makes the site stand out is the ability to customize it to suit senior needs. Once you complete your profile, you can like your preferred stores and bookmark suitable deals. It enables you to purchase later when you have time. However, keep in mind that amazing deals sell out fast. You don’t want to wait too long.

Seniors need coupons just like everyone else. Living above federal poverty level may not make seniors poor, but millions struggle to meet monthly expenses. Accessing coupons is a great way to save. Since most of the sites require downloading software, if you are unfamiliar with them seek help from grandkids or neighbors’ children.