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 Basic Cooking Tips

Having a good and balanced food becomes extremely necessary in order to maintain good health and spend a peaceful life.

This is even more important for elders. They need balanced nutrients in order to have their physical as well as mental health on track. Additionally, care should be taken that the food is in line with the medicines they take on a daily basis.

Also, as we grow older, our body senses get weaker. For example, our sense of taste, the smell gets weaker, and we start processing problems in processing food. Thus, food habits of seniors should be healthy but full of taste.

In order to strike the right balance between taste and health, here are a few cooking tips and nutritious alternate options you should know about:

  • Skip salt

A lot of seniors suffer from issues like high blood pressure which can have harmful effects on their body. This is why they are usually advised to skip the salt. Well, food without salt is a mess. But don’t worry! In order to fill in for salt, you can add fresh herbs, onions, garlic, or red wine. The citric edge of these items would make up for the salt content in the food.

  • Stick to liquid food items

Food options like soups, stews, and braises are best for seniors. The physical changes our elders undergo with as they get older leads to difficulty in chewing hard or crunchy food particles. In such situations, liquid food acts as a lifesaver, where you don’t need much saliva or teeth to chew and swallow the food properly.

  • Avoid consuming cream

Having food items like cream and other fatty products at old age can be difficult for your stomach’s general health. The cream has high fat content even though it tastes heaven. Try to substitute this with diced or mashed potato in your soup while cooking. Potato gives almost the same taste and texture to the soup as that of cream and is way healthier.

  • Cheat day a week

Seniors can have a cheat day, may be once in a week. This day, they no more need to stick to stews. They can have chicken based dishes or fish as well, but just once a week. Just try to keep it simple and don’t add too many spices.

  • Smoothies are best

For brunch or for evening snacks, seniors can always go for smoothies. Smoothies act as the best way to sneak in the healthy fruits and vegetables, especially if elderlies get bored of having them in raw form.

  • Cut off sugar intake

Last but not the least, seniors must try to avoid extra sugar and must rely on the natural sweetening agents. This is particularly important for the diabetic patients.

These were some of the cooking tips that would ensure good health of your seniors. Got any query? Write to us in the comments below!