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CCTV for Seniors

Using cameras in your own home can be strange. Some people use it for security purposes. Others use it to monitor their relatives, while away from home. Yet others use it to monitor their animals at home.


Some people are comfortable with home surveillance, especially when it comes to protecting against strangers. But sometimes it’s more than this, sometimes monitoring helps enhance the safety of a senior who is looked after by caregiver. Unlike a small child who cannot be left alone, seniors are often capable of taking care of themselves, until the very end.

Banks, shops, office buildings, nursing homes and assisted facilities for seniors use cameras in many ways, often to detect and prevent crime or monitor traffic in entrances. Problems can arise from utilizing home camera surveillance. Nowadays recording people without their consent has consequences. There are seniors who view the installation of a camera equipment in their home as a violation of privacy.

Using monitoring cameras does not directly enhance the security and safety of your parents or grandparents but provides the family and the caregiver a piece of mind to know that they are not alone.