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Dealing With Dementia for Seniors

Dementia can create a number of behavioral issues in the seniors. This becomes especially difficult for the people living with them. Communication is one of the greatest challenges in this situation. Caring for people suffering from dementia can be quite a task.

The best option here is to familiarize yourself with the different behavioral situations such that you know how to deal with them. Here are some ideas.


Behavior: Aggressive actions.
Solution: The most important aspect to keep in mind while dealing with aggressive behavior from dementia patients is to remember that they are not behaving like this on purpose. This behavior is often triggered by a normal bodily discomfort, environmental factors or even emotions like fear.

The best solution here is to figure out the cause of this behavior and then try to resolve it. At the same time, the person’s mind needs to be distracted in a way such that they are not thinking about the discomfort. But, by no means should you engage in an argument with the seniors in this respect.

Behavior: Confusion about the time or the location.
Solution: Dementia patients often crave comfort in going back to their place. This is because that is their comfort zone. You would often be privy to dialogues like, ‘I want to go home right now!’ even if the person is at home. In this situation, it is best to comfort the person based on their preferences.

For instance, you could show them pictures of their house to remind them of their old days. This can help them calm their nerves such that they feel more at home and warm.

Behavior: Improper judgment
Solution: A dementia patient is often a victim of improper or poor judgment. This can often be caused by a set of developing untrue or false beliefs! For instance, accusing their loved ones of simple things could be one such example of a lack of proper judgment. Also, the concerned person could be repeating the same statement over and over again and get irritated with this.

The first step is assessing the problem. The idea is to reassure the patient that nothing wrong is going on at home. Confronting these behaviors and logically explaining the issue will not make it better. Instead, talking about the issue with them and working a way through it could be a much better solution. This is going to be reassuring for the patient.

In general, for a dementia patient, the more they are allowed to interact socially, the better organized is their lifestyle. This is a common mistake to keep them isolated in order to avoid arguments and confusion. However, the best solution is to keep things as normal for them as possible. If they are made comfortable in their own place and are able to talk openly with their loved ones, it becomes a lot simpler. Also, some physical activity on a daily basis, including morning walks, some stretching exercises and the likes, could prove beneficial for their mental health.