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Dental Implants Dos and Donts

Today, dental implants are common for patients missing teeth. Approximately 3 million Americans have implants, and the number grows by half a million annually according to the American Academy of Dental Implants. This growth is attributed to its high rate of success.

Dental implants require post-operative care similar to other surgical procedures. Since you don’t have to stay in the hospital after surgery, proper care must be accorded to recover quickly. To help you through, here are essential dos and don’ts after dental implant surgery.

Dental Implant Dos

DO Brush your teeth

Brushing your teeth at night after surgery is recommended. Sometimes most patients are afraid to do so citing fear of injury. However, you can avoid injuries by moving the brush gently around the incisions. Small bleeding is common, don’t get scared.

Do Rinse your mouth with salt

Dentists endorse rinsing your mouth twice a day with warm salty water. The process might be uncomfortable initially but gets more comfortable with time.

Do have a Healthy diet

A good diet keeps you healthy as you recover. Do not limit yourself to liquid and bland food. Whatever food you choose to ensure it is rich in proteins and minerals.

Do Learn about care

The success of any dental implants depends on care accorded after surgery. Try to learn as much as possible what maintenance to provide. Ensure you ask your doctor any question you may have.

Dental Implant Don’ts

Don’t Rush back to previous routines

Studies indicate that patients who rush back to their previous routines and habits after surgery take time to recover. Just like other surgical operations, take your time to heal.

Don’t eat all previous foods

After surgery, it is crucial to observe your diet. Don’t rush to take what you used to eat before surgery. Some of them may prolong recovery while others add more salt to an existing injury.

Don’t smoke or chew tobacco

If smoking and chewing tobacco was your previous habits, then it has to stop after surgery until you fully recover. The aim is to keep your teeth healthy and strong with minimal disturbance.

Don’t over brush

Over-brushing your teeth causes more injury to your teeth after dental implant surgery. Apart from affecting your oral health, it may cause severe pain. Something you don’t want to go through.

Don’t wait to ask

Don’t let unhealthy teeth prevent you from smiling beautifully to the world. Speak to your dentist and inquire about dental implants today.