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Exercises 101 For Seniors

Working out is an important aspect of our lifestyle. Based on your age, every individual should have a set workout routine that must be followed regularly. If you are a senior, then the target should be to maintain around 250-300 minutes of workout per week.

This will keep your fitness plans sorted for a long time. This workout plan could include walking, cycling, swimming, stretching or conducting minor cardio exercises. If the continuous schedule proves to be too difficult, you could always break it into 15 minute cycles.

However, one should only engage in the workout that the body allows and can endure. Here are some ideas of the best basic exercises for seniors.

  • Wall pushups

Pushups are the best form of exercising in order to strengthen your shoulder and chest. If you are a senior, you could still do them against the wall. Place yourself 3 feet from the wall with your spine straight, in a plank position.

In this posture, lean towards the wall and then pull your body back. Repeating this activity for 10 rounds could do the trick for you!

  • Knee lifts

Knee lifts are a great option for keeping your knees in good shape. You could perform this exercise while remaining seated on the chair. All you would have to do is sit straight and put the right leg up slowly and slightly.

Ultimately, the back of the thigh should be 2-3 inches of the chair. After you hold this position for about 10 seconds, bring back your foot to the ground and try the same posture with your left leg.

  • Neck stretch

Something as simple as stretching your neck could go a long way in keeping you fit in your senior years. For this activity, you would need to stand straight with your hands close to your body. In this posture, move your head to one side, without tilting it in front.

Stop when you can feel the stretch in your spine. Hold it there for about 10 seconds and bring it back the center. In the same way, move your head in the opposite direction and repeat the process.

  • Ankle rotations

As we age, arthritis becomes a common problem, as observed in most people. Ankle rotations regularly could help you prevent this. All you have to do is stay seated on a chair with a straight back, and lift your right foot off the floor and gradually rotate it in a clockwise direction for 5 times. Once that is done, go anti-clockwise and complete another 5 rounds. Repeat with the left foot and you are set for the day!

  • Breathing

A few simple breathing exercises can help you stay in the pink of health during the latter years. It is best to perform this activity in the morning. Take your thumb and your index fingers. Close the right nostril with your thumb and breathe through the left nostril.

Thereafter, hold the breath and release the air from the right nostril by releasing the thumb and blocking the left nostril with the index finger! Repeat this exercise 10 times daily for best results!

Wrapping Up

Thus, keep your body moving with these basic exercises and stay healthy.