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Forgetfulness and Memory Loss in Seniors

As we grow older, various physical and mental changes start accompanying our body. Be it menopause in women or the reduced production of testosterone in men, likewise, there are other changes too which start happening.

One of such common issues is the loss of memory and forgetfulness. Have you ever come across a situation when your parents kept their spectacles somewhere and then spend hours finding them around the house because they don’t remember where they kept it, or have your grandparents ever missed the way to the house while returning from a walk?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then they might be suffering from the problem of memory loss and forgetfulness. And, in such a case, it becomes extremely important to pay attention to the problem and consult a doctor before the problem turns worst.


Causes of Memory loss and Forgetfulness 

  • Chemical changes

The major cause concerned with forgetfulness and memory loss are the chemical changes which occur in the brain as one grows old. In the beginning, the changes are minor. For example, one may forget where they left the keys or might take a longer amount of time to recall a person’s name.

  • Medication

Other causes include the side effects caused by some medication. You all may have seen that almost every senior in the family takes one or the other kind of medication. And, though these medications are not too powerful, they can have various side effects and memory loss and forgetfulness is one among them.

  • Emotional stress

The chronic issues of depression or stress and anxiety can also contribute to memory loss and forgetfulness. But, if the cause of memory loss is emotional imbalance then, the problem does not last longer. When you get your problem depression or stress treated, your memory loss problem also gets cured with your mental health.

Treatment of Memory loss and Forgetfulness

In many cases, the problem grows worse with the passage of time and people start to forget almost everything from their past. In such cases, it is highly recommended to consult a good doctor for treatment.

  • Your first step should be to visit a neurologist or a psychiatrist. They can provide the best solution to your problem after diagnosing the type of memory loss you or your seniors are suffering from.
  • First of all the doctor focuses on treating the behavioural and the physical problems of the patient. And then through medicines like- Cognex, Aricept, Echelon etc are recommended in the case of Alzheimer’s disease. These drugs are mild and can treat minor cases of memory loss. But in cases where the problem is worse then, doctors often recommend memantine (Namenda). It treats severe cases of Alzheimer’s disease.

All in all, apart from all the medicines and drugs, one must try to have a healthy lifestyle. This includes having a right diet, going for short walks, doing yoga for half an hour and staying happy.