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How Skin Ages?

We all love sunbathing, but sun exposure is one of the main cause of skin damage. It is due to the sun’s ultraviolet light, which breaks down elastic tissue in the skin and causes the skin to stretch, sag and wrinkle. Yet another factor which helps skin aging is the loss of fatty tissue between your skin and muscle – which is caused by stress, gravity, obesity, and daily facial movement.

Wrinkles are really annoying, but they can’t be healed. Fortunately, there are a lot of cosmetics that can help us cover them or even soften their look. Dry and itching skin can be relieved with moisturizers and humidifiers. It’s actually interesting to know that frequent bathing can aggravate dry skin. Age spots are brown patches that appear on different parts of the body, usually with aging.

Sun damage cannot be undone but you could use some tips and tricks to keep your skin healthy. Use regularly sunscreen when outdoors. Use one which is right for your skin type. Try to wear a hat, long sleeves and pants when you go out. Don’t forget your eyes and also wear sunglasses. It’s good to undergo regular checks for changing moles and new growths.