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How To Get The Best Price On Senior Vacations

Even for seniors, vacations afford them the perfect opportunity to unwind and create indelible memories. If you are looking forward to visiting relatives or excited to see the world and do the things on your bucket list, consider making wise, affordable decisions.

Here are tips to help you utilize travel discounts and find the best prices on senior vacations.

Ask for available special rates
Ensure that you ask for discounts or special rates available for seniors when making bookings for seniors. In fact, most of these discounts or special prices are available even though they are not advertised. And you should research extensively because some bookings offer more generous discounts than others.
For example, you can get a 15 percent off for seniors aged 62 or older, while other hotels are offering a meager 5 percent off. However, you shouldn’t assume that the senior rate is always the lowest; check other quoted discounts such as “early bookings” to benefit from the best available offers.

Travel off-peak
Visiting travel destinations during their shoulder seasons or off-peaks will mean enjoying the cooler weather and fewer crowds. Visiting a destination such Europe during winter instead of summer will present you with many benefits such as smaller price tags for travel and hotel bookings. Seniors aren’t typically trying to plan vacations around stringent work or school schedules, and thus can benefit from the low season vacation discounts.
However, you should work some indoor activities into your out of season vacation and pack appropriately for the weather in case it gets colder than expected. Also, you should check on the operating hours of major tourist attractions, and museums as most of them tend to scale back their operating hours or completely shut down during the off-peak season.

Utilize AARP programs
AARP members can benefit from great discounts and savings available for all types of travel including car rentals, vacation packages, restaurant and hotel discounts. You need to double-check the available rates to avoid missing out on other special offers that might offer you better discounts or save you more money. Seniors can benefit more because they have more flexibility when it comes to traveling any time of the year than busy executives.

Assess your needs
If you have enough time, as is the case with most mature travelers, you can opt for other travel options such as train travel instead of flying. Interestingly, you can save on travel packages such as Amtrak where travelers 62 years of age or older save up to 15 percent on fares, if you choose to ride the rails. Moreover, Amtrak trains offer a huge allowance for baggage.

You can get a discount from a company that offers group discounts by bringing along other travel pals or relatives, particularly when you share a vacation rental instead of booking hotel rooms. Furthermore traveling with friends and family is a great opportunity for bonding and it’s priceless. Most importantly, it’s good to consider purchasing travel insurance, especially for individuals who might get sick during the vacation.