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Is It Too Late to Get Cosmetic Surgery as A Senior?

Today, plastic surgery is more popular than it has ever been. In 2016, hundreds of thousands of nose, liposuction, and breast implant surgeries costing billions of dollars were done, making 2016 the most plastic year ever. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, these procedures represented an upward of $16 billion, the highest the country has ever spent on such. Minimally invasive procedures and cosmetic surgeries topped the list.
It’s now clear that plastic surgery, once a reserve of the rich and famous, is now mainstream. It’s safe and accessible to people of all ages. Yes, even the seniors. And as the popularity of plastic surgery increases across all demographics, senior citizens particularly have been looking at plastic surgery as a way to turn back the clock. There is a host of reasons to get plastic surgery in old age; if you live long and maintain good health, nothing stops you from polishing your golden years with plastic surgery.
Align Your Physique with Your Psyche
For most people, old age is synonymous with sagging skin, baggy eyelids, and wrinkles in different parts of the body. The best way to wipe that tarnish off your golden years is through plastic surgery. If you are older but healthy and energetic, why not align your physique with your psyche? As a senior citizen, you may be still working or are looking for a job, and if you want to be seen as a youthful contender, you have to look like one.
Some seniors just want their feathers to look fresh as they preen for potential mates. If you look at the mirror and realize that you don’t like what you see, you’ll be glad to know that there’s something you can do about it, thanks to advancements in modern medicine and emphasis on healthy living. They are many types of procedures to consider depending on the part of the body you are targeting. But, what if you are too old? Can one be too old for plastic surgery?
Plastic Surgery and Age
They say age is just a number, and that holds true even for plastic surgery procedures. Old age, by itself, can’t stop you from getting a facelift, a breast augmentation procedure, eyelid reshaping, liposuction, or any other procedure you think you need to look and feel good. In fact, the most prohibitive factor for seniors when it comes to going under the knife is health, not age. All you need is a doctor to determine that you are healthy and you are a good candidate for cosmetic or plastic surgery.
As we age, our bodies start exhibiting the effects of wear and tear. Our immune system gets weaker with age too, so there’s a number of factors — strictly health-related — that can stop you from undergoing a plastic surgery procedure. For instance, seniors who have faced medical problems such as heart attack or stroke are discouraged from undergoing plastic surgery operations. Other than that, nothing stands in the way. We all want to age gracefully, but if you are interested in plastic surgery, age alone shouldn’t worry you.