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Key points to healthy ageing

How old are you?

Are you counting? Did you forget? I always forget my years and feel like 22 years old. Experts say that the key to this door is in your hands. Look at this simple ideas and feel young.

Must visit Doctor every year

It’s good for your body to be in tune. So you need to visit a doctor and dentist every now and again for a regular check up. It is important to sense the world with all senses.

Drink plenty water

Water is number 1, hydrating the body, flushing waste, helping digestion and keeping the body temperature to normal. Keep away from soft drinks and concentrated juices they contain loads of sugar. Be aware of your body it looses 2 to 3 liters per day. Aim to drink as much as you can at lease two liters per day to replace water loss.

Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are

Eat fresh healthy and homemade food. Try to replace some meals that are not so important for you with fruits and vegetables. If you cooked to much of certain meal you could try to freeze it.

Be active with fun

Every day you need to active for at least 30 minutes. if you can’t do it in one go break it in 3. Try sports which suits your body and your needs. Get your friends involved or make new friends in the sports club. Experts think that it is more likely to stick to physical activity if we have positive emotions from it.

Be wise 

New changes face us as we grow old. Perhaps we have regrets for things that happened or didn’t. Try to stay in present like here and now. Enjoy the life journey that’s left for you while taking it slowly step by step.