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People say “I wish I could retire now…”. But when it really comes to retirement, is this phrase used at all. Or its on the contrary “I wish I could work few more months or years….”

How about you? Have you retired or your are looking to retire soon? Some of us look forward to retirement as huge holiday where they can finally slow down and do what they always wanted to do. Others expect to have a busier and more active life than when they were working. It is important to consider the kind of lifestyle you want to accomplish before you retire.

Honeymoon that’s what they call the initial phase of the retirement. You can do your hobbies, reading and spend time with families and friends. Unfortunately like every honeymoon it does come to an end and it brings feelings like depression and sadness. Daily routine and activities add purpose to life. A passive person is more likely to feel bored and depressed than a person who lives active and meaningful life. Retired grandparents may find they are expected to baby sit all the time instead of enjoying their retirement.

People who plan an active life tend to be happier than those who have no plans or routines in mind. Give your retirement a trial run, if you are not sure whether or not to retire. Look for professional help if you feel lost, stress or depressed.