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Senior Care Concierge – Is It Worth It?

When you are a full time working professional, sometimes it becomes nearly impossible for you to take care of your elderly parents. No matter how much you want to, you just cannot be with them 24X7. Such situations may make you feel vulnerable and helpless.

However, there is an amazing way to put all your tension behind and take care of your elderly parents even if you are a full time working person. You can do so by taking help from a senior care concierge.


Who is a Senior Care Concierge?

Concierge is basically a personal care assistance; which can also be termed as “care taker”. A senior care concierge is someone who can help you with taking care of your elderly parents. They can assist your parents with various things – from taking care of their day to day activities to giving them company, a senior care concierge does everything.

Is It Worth It?

Everyone is busy nowadays and not everyone has the time to be there for their parents round the clock. In such cases, the senior care concierge becomes a great help. There are many benefits of appointing a senior care concierge. They are –

  1. Keeps your parents happy

Your elderly parents aren’t just looking for someone to help them with a few things. They are looking for someone as a company. The concierge will act your parents’ partner in crime, their day time company, a lunch time buddy and someone to take a walk with.

A concierge will not only take care of their meds, they will also spend quality time with your parents. And, this will make your aged parents happy to a great extent.

  1. Takes care of everything

A concierge will take care of everything about your parents. From keeping an eye on their medication timing to making sure they are eating right, they will do it all for you. They basically kees a daily schedule reminder where they keep a track of what your parents are going to do for the whole day.

It makes it easier for your parents to keep an eye on their work schedule as well. The best part? The concierge doesn’t forget to add morning walk or a daily exercise routine on that daily schedule.

  1. Help to enhance your parents’ communication

At a certain age, your elderly parents may lose the interest or the ability to communicate properly. This might happen due to spending too much of alone time or lack of interests as well.

A good concierge will bring back that lost interest or the ability to communicate properly with your parents. They have some special skills with the help of which they can help your parents become social again.

  1. Extra support

Extra care and support given by a senior care concierge is something that you cannot probably provide. They are professionals and they know how to handle people with more and more care. That is what they do. They handle the elderly people with much needed care and attention without letting them feel vulnerable.

Your elderly parents need proper care and a senior care concierge can provide it. You should definitely opt for one if you want to do something good for your parents.