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Senior Coupon Sites – These Sites Have the Best Deals for Seniors

Coupon websites are a great way of saving money on your daily expenses such as grocery shopping, booking travel tickets and so on. Generally, the discount range offered by such coupon websites is 10% to 20% per transaction. However, if you calculate your total savings in a month through use of such coupons, you will be surprised to see that you have ended up saving a significant amount of money.

Senior coupon sites are particularly popular among the large senior citizen population due to their exciting deals on various services and products. Everybody loves a good deal but seniors are particularly happy to get some great money saving deals on such websites which are meant exclusively for them. Check out these sites which have some of the best deals for seniors.

  1. Discounts for Seniors

This amazing website is like manna from heaven for seniors who looking for daily discounts on a variety of services including food & drink, groceries, health, beauty, pharmacy, and retail stores. The website hosts many different businesses on its platform which offer discount coupons for their service or product.

The best thing about this website is that it is designed exclusively for seniors and therefore you won’t have as much competition for grabbing the latest deals as compared to other universal websites.

  1. Sciddy

Sciddy is not only a great website for senior discounts, it has also recently launched its own Sciddy App which you can download through the Google PlayStore. This unique App will inform you of all the deals and discounts offered by your local stores on a wide range of products and services. The App is meant for seniors over 50 years of age and is programmed to automatically search for the best deals which people of that age will be interested in.

  1. CheapOAir

Looking for some exclusive senior discount deals for your next air ticket? You have found the right place with cheapoair.com. Not only do they offer discounted fares for senior citizens, they also have some very useful recommendations on ways through which seniors can save money while travelling. CheapOair also has a list of suggestions on the most senior friendly places to go to where one can get good deals on hotels, car rentals etc.

  1. Senior Discounts

Another great website with exclusive discounts for seniors of 50 plus age group, seniordiscounts.com also offers free membership options which will fetch you a monthly newsletter of the best deals in town. They have some great offers related to driving discounts, reverse mortgage and free drug cards along with the everyday coupon discounts.

  1. The Senior List

This website is more of an informative site as rather than giving actual discounts, it gives information on the best stores in town that are hosting the top deals for seniors. The lists provided on this website are sorted into different categories such as Restaurant & Dining, Grocery Stores, Retail Stores, Prescriptions, Travel Deals etc. making it easy for you to browse the find the stores near you where you can avail these discounts.