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Senior Savings: Meals

Senior citizens, regularly thought of as “making it” or “living the life,” are often instead facing a reality of a fixed income and stretching their dollars. Meal preparing services and smart dining out is one way that seniors can see an instant savings. Utilizing senior citizen discounts, which are available in an array of restaurants, or specialized food delivery services are a couple of ways to ease the struggle of meal cost.

Restaurants are a great option for senior citizens because of the ease of dining and often times the restaurant will offer discounts for seniors. From fine dining to fast food, and everything in between, the discounts can range between 5 to 20 percent off. National chains such as Outback Steakhouse, The Rainforest Café, and Bonefish Grill offer a 10 percent discount to AARP members. While fast food chains Arby’s, Chick-fil-A, and Subway offer 10 percent discount for senior meals, Jack in the Box restaurants offer a generous 20 percent off your meal if you’re 55 or older. Restaurants that do not offer monetary discounts will still usually offer a free drink or dessert if you are a senior citizen. While these discounts are generally recognized nationwide, it is best to call ahead and ask before you order.

Meal delivery services have swept the nation with popularity. Healthy offerings, easy offerings, fine dining options, and gluten free options, just to name a few. These meals are available straight to your door step. With today’s aging population, meal services that are geared towards senior citizens are in demand. Meal plans such as Healthy Chef Creations is a meal delivery service that offers 5 day or 7 day meal packages, and everything from breakfast, lunch, and dinner with sides and desserts. While meal delivery services may seem like a more expensive option at first, it saves the time and worry of cooking “too much” food, especially when there may be only a couple dining. Delivery services are definitely more convenient, cost efficient per meal, and can be tailored to meet dietary needs or desires.

Saving money on senior meals can be fun and easy, while opening new doors for dining options that may otherwise be unavailable to fixed income seniors. Understanding that senior meals do not have to be a source of worry or concern is reassuring for family members, community members, and seniors themselves.