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Talking With Your Doctor 101

A healthy relationship between a doctor and a patient is very vital for the healthy body especially for seniors as they have a lot to discuss. Earlier the doctor used to lead and the patient just followed blindly. But now the situation is completely different. To deal with your health problems, it is very important to maintain a good and open relation with your doctor. Following are the tips for the seniors to consider before making an appointment and communicating with their doctors:

  • Be prepared and prioritize your doubts

Before going for an appointment with your doctor, take 5 minutes and prepare yourself. It is very important to utilize the limited time with your doctor effectively. Make a list of all your concerns and prioritize them.

  • Bring someone with you

It can be very helpful to bring someone with you for meeting with your doctor, especially for the seniors. This is because it might become difficult to keep a record of everything. When accompanied by someone, seniors can understand the situation better and keep a note of everything suggested by the doctor.

  • Take important documents with you

It is advisable to take all the information like prescriptions, medicines and any other supplements with you. Along with this, it is important to carry your complete past medical record with you. It is also required to carry any medicine you are allergic to. Also, carry your insurance cards along with you.

  • Keep your doctor updated

Make sure you update your doctor about everything after your last visit. Tell him about the medicines given by him whether they were alright or had any adverse effect on your body. It is important to update him on any other changes that your body might have experienced.

  • Ask for another appointment if needed

If you feel that all your concerns cannot be addressed in a single appointment or you have to rush while clearing your doubts, don’t be afraid of asking for another appointment with your doctor. Seniors having multiple health problems should definitely ask for a follow-up appointment. Ultimately, what is important is that all your problems are taken care of.

  • Get help if you need

Seniors might face the problem of language with the doctor. To have a good communication and better understanding, ask for an interpreter.

  • Get information from your doctor

Asking questions and getting information from your doctor is a key to good communication. It is important to learn about the medical tests, discuss the diagnosis, the expectations, the medications, and understanding of prescription. If you fail to understand anything during your meeting, don’t be afraid of asking your doctor.


We hope that the above article would have helped all the seniors in communicating with their doctor. The time with the doctor is limited, thus it is important to make best out of it. Learning to use this precious time effectively and wisely will surely result in a healthy body and healthy life.