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Testosterone for Seniors

With age, various changes can be seen in both men and women, both psychological and physical.

The major physical change which happens at the older age is the reduction in the production level of testosterone hormone. On the other hand, women suffer through menopause, men suffer from the issue of reduced testosterone hormone secretion.

Well, medical science has a solution for almost every health condition. So, in order to tackle this issue, seniors may undergo Testosterone therapy. The condition of a low secretion of testosterone is related to the low strength of muscle, high adiposity, and insulin resistance in the body. Thus, under such condition, it is recommended for senior men to undergo the Testosterone therapy.


As far as the result of this therapy is concerned, it depends on one’s body type. For example, some men have responded well to the therapy, on the other hand, almost no major change or improvement was seen in others. Thus, the test results of this therapy can be called as a bit inconsistent. This inconsistency is majorly due to the difference in the dose and the difference in the target selection.

Benefits of Testosterone Therapy

There are various benefits associated with testosterone therapy and some of them are listed below-

  • One of the major causes of the decrement in the testosterone production in older men is due to depression. And, some studies have shown that seniors undergoing this testosterone therapy were reported to show short term improvement in their psychological condition. Yes, the changes observed were not major but improvement up to some level was seen. The changes were pronounced in the men, who started to suffer from depression after the age of 45 years.
  • Another benefit of testosterone therapy is associated with the enhancement in the performance in the cognitive In some senior men, enhancement in the verbal memory was also observed.
  • The major benefit of testosterone therapy is that it helps to improve the muscle and bone strength in older men. And, old age men when tend to lose their strength and their bones become weak, it is all they need. It helps them to carry out their day to day activities more easily without anyone’s help. They can also go for a walk by themselves.
  • Testosterone therapy also proves helpful in improving the cardiovascular mortality. Unlike, other drugs which effect testosterone production may show an adverse effect on the lipid production but no such risk is associated with the testosterone therapy.

Risks associated with the Testosterone therapy

  • One of the major risks associated with the Testosterone therapy is that one may suffer from prostatic disease after this treatment.
  • Seniors undergoing this therapy may suffer from insomnia.
  • Testosterone therapy may also lead to fluid retention in the body.

But, if you see your doctor as per the schedule, the risks can be eliminated by about 70%. Thus, if you are suffering from any issue related to testosterone production in the body due to the growing age, then you must consider undergoing this therapy once. It can do wonders for you. You must consult your doctor before arriving at any conclusion.