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Why Walking Is So Important For Seniors

I heard about a man who had his independence and great life up to his 90’s, because he never gave up walking every day. We all need to realize that walking is very important for us.

Lets have look at the benefits that it has:

  • lowers risk of heart disease, stroke, colon cancer and diabetes
  • strengthens bones and prevents osteoporosis and osteoarthritis
  • improves your blood pressure
  • improves weight
  • improves your balance and coordination
  • it has positive impact for your joints
  • strengthens muscles
  • increases confidence and mood – reduces anxiety and depression
  • walking is great way to get outdoors and meet people or socialize

Seniors who can exercise regularly are more likely to walk without assistance and do things around the house by themselves. Walking makesĀ  you feel better.

Prepare to Walk

Do you have comfortable shoes and clothes? Get them. If you have any foot problems get the right help and solve them. Don’t give up even if you are using walking stick or walker. Some people feel better when using two walking sticks instead of one – this can improve your balance and help lighten the load on your joints. Don’t forget that all walking aids need a little adjustment according to your posture. Visit your doctor or professional if you don’t feel well or you have problems with your walking aids.